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Do you often get nightmares of losing all your computer or laptop data? 

On-Demand Data Backup and Recovery Services

Well, it’s quite normal to feel anxious when your computer malfunctions or hard drive just fails. After all, we have so much data stored on our business or personal computers - sales reports, expense reports, invoices, personal photos, videos and a lot more other important stuff. Can you afford to lose all of these? Certainly not! Well, if you want to avoid this mishap, a periodic backup plan is the best practice that will help you keep your data safe always.

Technicians Onsite can set up on-demand data backup and recovery system to relieve you from the complexities and hassles of the process. We’ll help you set up a reliable and secure online backup solution like Dropbox for your home or office so that your precious files stay with you forever. All of your data including documents, photos, videos and more can be stored safely on the cloud, which means you can access your data from any device anytime, anywhere.  

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Data Backup
We employ both local on-site as well off-site backup options to bring you the best of both worlds. While a local on-site backup can help you recover files you have mistakenly deleted immediately, the online cloud backup system will come to your rescue in case of a catastrophic event when onsite data storage gets completely destroyed.

Data backup services?

  • Setup of existing external backup drive
  • Installation and configuration of online data backup solution like Dropbox
  • Installation and configuration of software to create a backup schedule
  • Configuration and help in creating the first backup


Data recovery

We understand that there is nothing more distressing than losing data, especially when you need it the most. Well, if this happens to you, don’t worry! Just call our expert technicians and they will assist you in getting your data back as soon as possible. We offer external hard drive data recovery service to help you retrieve your lost files. While in most cases, our experts are able to dock the hard drive and recover the information with an on-site appointment, if your hard drive is unstable, you’ll be referred to our specialist data recovery team in a dedicated off-site laboratory.

Data recovery services:

  • External Hard Drive Recovery (PCs, Laptops, External, Single Drive Servers )
  • USB Flash Drives Recovery (CD/DVD, SD/XD Cards, Voice Recorders)
  • Floppy Disc Recovery
  • Solid-state Drives
  • All File Formats Including Quickbooks, MYOB, And Outlook.


Give Us a Call Right Away to Get a Backup and Recovery Solution For You!

At Technicians Onsite, we employ the Australia’s most experienced and skilled technicians who know how to keep your data safe and recover it efficiently. They suggest you the best backup plan that fit your business profile, data requirements and budget. So give us a call right away and let our backup and restore experts serve you with your needs.