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Onsite Email Setup And Training Services

In this technological era, having your own email account has become an indispensable part of life. No matter where you are or what you do, it’s hard to move on without an email address. It offers a fast and reliable means of business and personal communication that is easily accessible from all the devices. So if you are not using any email client currently, let us help you configure the one for you!

Due to an overwhelming number of email options available today, you may have a hard time sorting through them and then going through the lengthy setup process that just goes over the head. Our expert technicians will simplify the process for you by explaining everything in an easy way so you can remember. They will show you how to configure an email, send and retrieve messages and how to use your email address to create accounts for everything from shopping to bill payments.

Email Setup and Training

If you don’t have an email account, our technicians will suggest you different options. They will explain the features of every email client, so you can make an informed decision. For example, Gmail is the best email client for consumers while Microsoft Outlook is more business-focused. You can choose the one that serves you best. You can also register your own domain name “@yourname” that you’d keep forever if you don’t want to be restricted to one email provider.

Once you decide which way to go, we’ll set up everything for you and show you how to use it. We will also educate you on all kinds of shortcuts to maximize your communication and productivity in the office environment.

Sync emails across all the devices

We will setup your email account on your other personal devices like a smartphone or tablet as well so that you can assess your emails on the go. Our expert technicians will make sure that you are able to send and receive emails from your smartphone, and everything is well synchronized across your computer and other devices. This means that whatever you do on one device will show up on your other devices too. If you send an email from your smartphone, it will show up in sent items of your tablet and computer as well!

Troubleshooting Email

An Email client covers a broad category of services and features. While some errors are easy to diagnose and fix, others require some investigation and expert help. So if you’re facing difficulty accessing your existing email account, don’t panic! Just call us for help and we’ll troubleshoot the problem and get it fixed. If there’s something wrong on your internet service provider’s end, we’ll diagnose that too and help you understand how the problem can be resolved.

Summing up, here’s what we offer:

  • Email address setup and configuration
  • Training on how to get the most out of your email client
  • Setting up your emails on a mobile or tablet
  • Sync emails across all your devices
  • Troubleshooting problems in your existing email account

Give Us a Call Right Away And Start Shooting Mails!

At Technicians Onsite, we take the hassle out of email configuration and troubleshooting. We understand how precious is every minute for you and, therefore, we try our best to meet your requirements and get your email problem fixed within 24 hours. So give us a call right away and let our email configuration and troubleshooting experts take over your requirements or issues.