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Need help storing or backing up your photos? Acessing them across your different devices? Want to shar them with friends & family How to upload them to social media? Call Technicians Onsite to have one of our team come and help you out.

Storing and Sharing Photos Made Simple!

The era is gone when you were required to organize your photos in a paper based album and store it at some safer, dry place to retain its quality! But, that doesn’t mean today’s latest technology is reliable and you need not worry about keeping your precious moments safe. While in the current age, it has become quite convenient for us to store all our photos on a computer or mobile device - everything seems alright until the device is running perfectly!

Moreover, sometimes we just wish to share some beautiful pictures with our friends and family. Isn’t it? Do you know how can you do so with the convenience of just a few clicks? We do!

How Can We Help?

Storage and Backup

If you are looking for some reliable solution to keep your photos safe always, we can help you! Technicians Onsite offers both local on-site as well off-site backup options to make sure you never lose your beautiful memories again! While a local on-site backup can help you recover photos you have mistakenly deleted immediately, the online cloud backup system like Dropbox will come to your rescue in case of a catastrophic event when onsite data storage gets completely destroyed.

Sharing & Syncing

Technicians Onsite experts make sharing and syncing photos simple and hassle-free for you! Using a world-leading cloud storage solution like Dropbox, you can sync photos across all your devices and share them with others. We will give you a short tutorial explaining the features and benefits of every solution we offer and also tell you how you can get the most out of it to keep your photos safe and well-organized.

What We Offer?

  • Setup of existing external backup drive
  • Installation and configuration of online storage and backup solution like Dropbox
  • Configuration and help in storing, sharing and syncing photos across different devices

Give us a Call Right Away to Access Your Photos on the Go!

At Technicians Onsite, we understand that every photo is a memory that needs to be saved for a lifetime. Therefore, we always strive to suggest you the most reliable solutions that have already established a good reputation in the market. So give us a call right away and keep your memories safe always!