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Professional Tech Support For Printer Set Up And Troubleshooting

Having trouble installing a new printer or fixing printer errors? Don’t worry! Technicians Onsite offers expert assistance for complete setup, diagnosis, and troubleshooting of your printer.

During the last few years, we have seen tremendous advancement in almost every technology, be it a computer, laptop or mobile. And the same period has brought a lot of capabilities and improvements to printers as well. For example, we can now print the photos directly from our mobile or digital camera and send scanned documents directly to the email address. However, along with the advanced features, it has brought certain challenges as well such as complex setup process and troubleshooting problems.

If you’ve bought a new printer, but are unable to setup and configure it properly, let us help you! Technicians Onsite experts will get your printer up and running efficiently in no time so you can get the most out of it. We will help you install or update printer software and associated drivers, and configure your printer to work seamlessly on a wired or wireless network.

What Do We Offer?

Printer Setup

If you have bought a wireless printer, we’ll configure it to work on your home network so that you can print the documents from your computer, laptop or any other device. If your printer is not WiFi capable, we will connect it directly to your computer. The set up includes configuring associated drivers and performing basic settings to let you print documents instantly.

Printing From Mobiles & Tablets

Do you know smartphones and tablets can help you print documents directly? You could even start printing documents from anywhere and collect them when you arrive at home or the office. Isn’t it convenient and time-savvy? However, again, printing from mobile phones and tablets can be a bit daunting affair than printing from your computer. So if you are having trouble printing from your mobile or tablet, just call us!

Technicians Onsite will tell you everything you need to know about printing from a mobile device. Our experts will make sure that your printer is compatible with your devices and perform setup to print properly from them.


Don't know how to fix your problematic printer? We can help if your printer is not working properly. There are numerous reasons why a printer malfunctions and believe us, few of them can really drive you crazy. Technicians Onsite experts are well-versed in printer troubleshooting and they know what to do exactly to fix a problem. Whether you are unable to update a printer driver or you keep receiving annoying error messages when using your printer, our experts will promptly fix all these problems either remotely or by coming at your place.

Summing up, here’s what we offer:

  • Setup your new wired or wireless printer
  • Review printer features and configure the settings to meet your needs
  • Install and update printer drivers
  • Connect your printer to mobile or tablet and troubleshoot related problems
  • Fix printer malfunctions and other related problems

Call Us Right Away To Get Your Printer Set Up or Fixed Instantly!

At Technicians Onsite, we take the hassle out of technology. Call us now and we will ensure complete setup and troubleshooting of your printer so you can use it instantly without any glitch.