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Learn how to protect your identity online Change your Facebook privacy settings.


Unparalleled Support For Maintaining Your Privacy And Security

Many of us spend most of our time online. In fact, the Internet has become an inevitable part of our life. And while it offers a massive amount of entertainment and revenue opportunities, it presents some privacy and security concerns too along the way. Whether you get online for shopping, internet banking or keeping in touch with friends and family on social media platforms, it’s important to make sure that you’re protected from credit card fraud, phishing or identity theft, and other cyber attacks.

Well, if you are also concerned about protecting your privacy online, call us! Our experts will ensure that your computer and wireless network are safe and secure from unauthorized access or data breaches. We will also educate you on what measures you should take to protect your identity online. Your will learn about the latest online scams and also get some tips to ensure safe Internet browsing.

What Do We Offer!

Basic Tips on how to protect your identity online

Our experts will provide you some basic tips and valuable insights on how you can protect your identity online. For example, you will learn how to recognize whether a website is secure or not before entering your personal or credit card information. You will also get to know what information you should never share on the Internet or how to create a strong password that is difficult to break.

Computer and network security

Our expert technicians will set up wireless network security protocol on your computer to protect you from unauthorized access. We protect your WiFi by creating a WPA2 security password so that other people can’t access it or break into your home network. We also employ certain other security best practices such as installing and updating internet security and antivirus on your computer to enhance your end-to-end security posture.

A tutorial on how to maintain your privacy on Facebook

Facebook is safer than before. It has brought certain new features and settings that can help you maintain your privacy. If you have a Facebook profile, our experts will give you a short tutorial on how you can take advantage of Facebook privacy settings for your best interests. For example, you can choose to limit the visibility of your timeline, photos and friends list to your friends only. Technicians Onsite will assist you in updating your settings and teach you how you can do it yourself in the future.

Give Us a Call Right Away to Make Sure You Are Protected

The reported number of identity thefts and data breaches are growing day by day due to lack of security measures at place. Hope you are not one among them! Give us a call right now and let us protect your privacy and security. We ensure you peace of mind along with the great technical support!