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Remote Support is increasingly becoming a valuable and necessary tool in supporting customers both home and business alike.

At Technicians Onsite we are able to provide both Remote diagnostics fixes and training using the software available for download from this support page.

Why pay for remote computer support? Ideally this is suited to small issues that don't require a onsite visit of 45 mins or are simply software glich's in addition remote support can be in many case's provided at a shorter notice, thereby addressing customers issue's straight away and providing a higher lever of satisfaction from our customers.

Not sure if you problem can be fixed remotely? So long as your computer is online to the Internet and not crashing then a Remote Support Technician can assist you anywhere in Australia or around the world for that matter.

Call us or send us a callback request and one of our technical staff will return your call usually within 2-4 hrs and discuss whats happening and tell you if a remote technician session is suitable for your problem.