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After securing the computer we move to the network security (as both are connected), so we make the firewall working upright as soon as possible for the healthy working of the network as well as the system, and to avoid the security breach through the networks that can harm the computer.

As soon as the firewall is activated, we follow the security protocols step by step starting from the basic one; i.e. of choosing a new and unique network name. Network you are working upon has to be a unique name and set as personal network.

Now the very next step is to protect a network and setting up security which will be set to WPA2 security key, making it much stronger. People sometimes set the security to WPA, which might not be a very good option from security point of view. The WPA networks are very easy to be breached and break down.

We will now be doing one of the most important checks to the change the ‘by default’ admin credentials, which are factory set same by the company for almost all the connections. This has to be changed as soon as a network is setup. The user sometimes is not aware of these details which put them in a very vulnerable condition as the most of the credentials for the companies are almost same and anyone can change or hamper the settings very easily. So we set the credentials and other settings according to the customer. If you have not taken any security checks and measures, well, you should do it right away. You can just contact us with your requirements and we will be overtaking the query and get the best solution for you that too very quickly and without any further hassle. We here at ________ make things easy and reliable for you. Even if you seem to have been observing some issues with the working condition with your hardware, then it’s now time to give us a call. We will take care of everything as we provide all type of services starting from computer tuning-up to the data backup and recovery.